Archive Recordings

On this page we present some historial recordings of Erik and his work.

BBC Radio: The Adventures of Babar

Babar conducting

This work was commissioned by the BBC sometime in 1940/41 and was believed to have been first broadcast during Christmas 1941. The Adventures of Babar for narrator and orchestra was written by Chisholm and is based on the Babar books by Jean de Brunhoff. It was first performed by the BBC Symphony (London) Orchestra under Adrian Boult. The following recording is probably of the first broadcast. The narrator has not been identified but it has been suggested it may be John Andrews.

Some restoration work has been necessary to remove "mains hum" which was present on the original recording.

Listen to Audio Recording: Babar the Elephant 32 minutes

BBC Radio: Talk By Erik Chisholm

This recording by Erik Chisholm was broadcast on the 20th May 1949 and is one of only a few recordings of Erik's voice.

Some remedial work on the original recording has been necessary to remove surface noise and "mains hum".

Listen to Audio Recording: "Erik Chisholm at the BBC" 17 minutes

Obituary Announcements

Erik Chisholm died on the 8th June 1965. The following are recordings of announcements by the British Broadcasting Corporation and the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Listen to Audio Recording: "BBC News Announcement" 1 minute 30 seconds

Listen to Audio Recording: "SABC News Announcement in English" 1 minute 40 seconds

Listen to Audio Recording: "SABC News Announcement in Africaans" 1 minute 55 seconds

3 Sisters Tribute Broadcast

The three sisters

Listen to Audio Recording: 3 sisters tribute broadcast on Fine Music Radio in Cape Town, South Africa 59 minutes 13 seconds

Further recordings to follow.