The Celtic Folk Songs

Text adaptations and musical arrangements by Erik Chisholm. All the vocal melodies are taken from the Macdonald "Collection of Aires and Dances of the Scottish Highlands and Islands" of 1784.

Electronic Publishing

The Celtic Folk Songs is now available in PDF format. First published in 1964 by Moscow State Publishers the book contains the music and lyrics in 104 pages. The music is arranged for voice and pianoforte and the text is in Russian and English.

Available to download at £10.00.

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Contents :-

  • Preface
  • 1. Irish Nature Poems
  • 2. Scottish-Gaelic Traditional Folk Prayers
  • 3. Love
    • Songs of Happy Love
    • Songs of Unhappy Love
    • Humourous Love Songs
  • 4. Songs Of Lament
    • An Old Age
    • For Those Killed in War
  • 5. Songs of Humour and Satire
  • 6. Jacobite Songs
  • 7. Fairy Songs
    • Good Fairies
    • Bad Fairies
  • 8. Children's Songs
  • 9. Sea Songs
  • 10. Commentary

Sample Song - Brown-Haired Allan

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Picture of cover of book
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