The Erik Chisholm Trust

Chairman's Comment

The Trust has made significant inroads into publicising Chisholm's music. We are very grateful for the co-operation and contributions of many expert musicians over it's eleven years, but there is still much to be done. My decision to continue as a trustee and stand down as Chair in June 2013, with planned succession by Trustee Fiona Wright (an Erik Chisholm grand-daughter) has led us to review our ECT strategy.

To this end, we have had several addition meetings in 2013/2014. Activities we are not currently covering or will be unable to undertake next year were identified. No one on the 2013 committee will have time to take on fundraising, networking and web management. An expanded group of trustees has been achieved by the addition of 4 new members and has broadened the center of action to glasgow and London.

With this addittional force, we are committed to carry on working as we have done for the last eleven years to ensure that the music of Erik Chisholm will be heard.