Chamber Works

Not a large oeuvre but several of the works have been performed in recent times: The Double Trio for mixed sextet, Sonatina for Woodwind Quintet, Sorrow for a Queen for brass quartet and Three Scottish Lullabies, enthusiastically received, are now published and should be heard again.

Review of Performance of Double Trio in 1933: Evans, Edwin, Contemporaries, In: Music Lover.

The first was a Double Trio for wind and strings by a Scottish composer, Erik Chisholm, the founder of the Active Society for the Propagation of Contemporary Music, which does excellent work in Glasgow. As a composer he is very much in earnest – perhaps a shade too much, but Barrie, who knows, has told us of the earnestness of the Scot. Even his humour was dour rather than ingratiating. But his skill is great, and his weaving of the instrumental parts was of engrossing interest. The only real fault was length, and that must be put down to the fellow who in some remote age discovered invertible counterpoint. If subjects admit of so-and-so many inversions what is a thorough-minded Scot to do except prove it to you? But after listening to his Variations on “Go to Berwick Johnnie” I retain a kindly thought for Mr. Chisholm.