"Music literally poured out of Erik Chisholm. Certainly we have been left with an enormous and excitingly varied legacy" Murray McLachlan, The Piano 2003

"He's been called MacBartok. MacLiszt would fit too. But Chisholm is his own man" Geoff Brown, The Times 2002

The Pardoner's Tale Act 2 of The Canterbury Tales Opera. Taken at the production in the Little Theatre with the University of Cape Town Opera Company 2004.

Score Publication

The Erik Chisholm Trust continues its major project of score publication begun twelve years ago.

All of Chisholms' Piano works and those on the Music for Piano CD series have been published and are now on sale through the Erik Chisholm Trust.

You can download a pdf version of the Erik Chisholm Catalogue of Piano Works here, which lists the price of each score and has numerous notes through out about many of the scores.

Scores can be ordered as a printed copy at the prices shown excluding P & P. They may also be purchased as a PDF on request by e-mail to the ECT Chairperson, with a 25% reduction of the printed copy.

Where to get his music

University of Cape Town

All Chisholm's compositions and most of the original scores are held in the Manuscript and Archive Library at the University Of Cape Town (UCT). The alphabetical database - can be viewed here. Recently more works have come to light and compilation of a new classified database is well advanced. Research carried out by Michael Tuffin in the UCT Manuscript and Archive Library into Chisholm works and papers over the past five years "is finished" - for the time being at least! The resulting Catalogue Raisonne will shortly be out on a designated UCT web site and commercially available as a CDRom.

Scottish Music Centre

The Scottish Music Centre (SMC) holds the largest Chisholm music collection in the United Kingdom. Click here for SMC Full Works List. Note: The detailed list indicates where SMC has score available in electronic format.

The SMC website has dedicated pages and news events about Erik Chisholm and it holds list of works and listings by category. The SMC offers items for sale, both scores and CDs, at the SMC Online Shop; large orchestral works may be hired.

Chisholm's Classification

Written in 1963, Chisholm divided his works into the following main categories with numerous examples in all four.

Early works 1923-27 and 1930-
Scottish Music 1929 to 1940 (?)
Hindustani works (1945-51)
Operas 1950-63

Part of a brief chronological list of his works, written in Chisholm’s own hand, was found in a trunk of his papers nearly 40 years after his death.

His writing was almost illegible, in sharp contrast to many of his compositions which he copied out meticulously in ink. Unfortunately his works were not always dated which makes this chronological summary most useful. If you are interested in reading more of Erik Chisholm's classification click here Classification.