Press Cuttings

A hand written list of the concerts for 1929/30. The Sorabji concert is shown as 26th March 1930 and a concert of Chisholm works as 7th May.

Newspaper report of the concert held in March 1930 featuring the works of English composers. The full text reads as follows:

English composers formed the programme of the third of a series of Recitals of National Music in St. Matthews Church, Glasgow, last night, arranged by Mr. Erik Chisholm.

The compositions, selected from the pen of contemporary writers, embraced instrumental and vocal works by Gordon Jacob, William Walton, Constant Lambert, Delius, Van Dieren and Herbert Howells.

A particularly interesting performance of the evening was that given to Walton's Fa├žade.

This work is a Suite originally written for orchestra, with accompanied declamation to poems by Edith Sitwell, but on this occasion an arrangement for piano duet by Constant Lambert was played. It is in five sections - Polka, Valse, Swiss Jodelling Song, Tango-Paso-Doble, and Tarantella Sevillana.

As music it is gracefulness personified, and its charms were fully displayed in the performance accorded to it by Mr. Chisholm and Mr. John Whitfield.

The Jodelling Song was repeated, with the poem declaimed by Mr. Patrick Shannon, and this lent it additional significance.

The Gordon Jacob work was his Concerto for pianoforte and orchestra. We can respect the clever craftsmanship displayed in this composition, and though the solo part was rendered by Mr. Chisholm with due sympathy for its modern idiom, it failed to make appeal. Mr. Patrick Shannon played the orchestral part on the organ with tasteful effect.

An early work of Delius his concerto for pianoforte and orchestra was also played bt Mr. Chisholm in the solo part and Mr. Shannon at the organ.

Four poems from the Chinese set to music by Constant Lambert and songs by Delius, Van Dieren and Herbert Howells wee sung by Mr. Logan Annand in artistic style.

Delius' Sonata for the 'Cello and Piano was omitted from the programme and in its place Mr. Patrick Shannon plated Elgar's Organ Sonata,

Those enthusiastic propagandists in the cause of modern music deserve more encouragement than the very small audience indicated.  J.R.F.