In Memoriam Lillias Scott Forbes

I was sad to hear that Lillias died on 2nd October, aged 94. The funeral is at St Andrews on Friday, 11 October but unfortunately I won’t be able to attend.

Lillias was the daughter of Francis George Scott, a notable Scottish songwriter.  A singer and poetess in her own right, her brief marriage to my father ended with his death in 1965. The first of her four books of poetry, Poems of Love dedicated “To My Husband Erik Chisholm. May the rare genius of his love yet find echo in their lines” contains seven poems he’d set to music. The songs are very beautiful and Lillias and Erik performed them in concerts in Scotland and South Africa.

In recent years Lillias and I became friends and attended several concerts at which the songs were sung by tenor Wills Morgan, including one at St Andrews for which she got a grant. In 2010 the ECT published Poems of Love in a special edition in the original and medium voice, available to buy on line.

Lillias loved to sing and I remember with pleasure how she would spontaneously break into song. I will miss her very much. I’ll end this short tribute by quoting from Herts Sang, one of the Poems of Love

“While sea-tides turn an’ birds fa’ back On heidlan’s o’ Heivin My singin’ sall brak!

Would that this be true !

Morag Chisholm