Music for Piano Volume 1

Music for Piano Volume 1

Listen to Music Clip: 'Airs for Children'

Extract of Review

Chisholm’s Scottish Airs for Children – 22 adaptations of originals from Patrick MacDonald’s A Collection of Highland Vocal Airs (1784) – provide an ideal teaching resource, unite Scotland’s present with its past and, not least, bring us a sequence of scintillating, exquisite miniatures. If McLachlan’s proposed survey of Chisholm’s complete piano music continues to reveal works of this standard, the history of British piano music will require radical reassessment. - Martin Anderson

Of the Sonata in A the reviewer writes;

"The moody slow movement mourns the loss of the submarine HMS Thetis which sank killing 99 during it's first trials on June 1st 1939. The sombre finale is demanding and acrobatic. On the basis of this release alone Chisholm warrants serious examination, and McLachlan would be his greatest advocate." - Grant Chu Covell, La

Note: Sonata in A This, Murray McLachlan's second recording, has been cut from 40 to 34 minutes. The cuts are:-
First movement: From end of bar 142 to beginning of bar 154.
Second movement: From end of bar 95 to beginning of bar 135, also from the end of bar 301 to the beginning of bar 350.
Third movement: From end of bar 49 to beginning of bar 62,
Forth movement: From end of bar 183 to beginning of bar 291.