Music for Piano Volume 3

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Divine Arts

Divine Arts DDV24133

Murray McLachlan (piano).

Includes Piobaireachd - Sonatina No.1 - Sonatina No.2 - Two Piobaireachd Laments - Cornish Dance Sonata.

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Extract of Review

The disc reveals on eclectic mix of mature works based on Scottish pibrochs, one large scale early sonata and 2 sonatinas based on 16th century music. Every work shows Chisholm as a resourceful surprising and vital; he was indeed a considerable force as a composer and whatever style he turns his fertile imagination to, he produces music that can change and move.

Throughout this disc Murry McLachlan shows himself well able to meet the challenge of playing what in the case of the pibroch inspired works must be some of the most complex piano scores of their time. The CD is well recorded and produced; it should add to the growing reputation of Chisholm - that passionate and vital Scottish modernist. - David Hackbridge Johnson

Extract of Review

Murray McLachlan’s exploration of the piano music of Erik Chisholm for Dunelm Records continues to turn up gems or, at the very least, characterful and interesting works that deserve far better than the total obscurity in which they have been buried for so long. The picture continues to emerge of a composer who wrote in a highly individual style for the instrument and who essayed the tricky task of bringing Scottish piano music into the twentieth century by crafting an idiom that on the one hand thoroughly assimilated Impressionism and on the other used the folk music of the Gaelic western highlands and islands as the material for a revitalization similar – indeed, very similar – to Bartók’s endeavours with eastern-European folk sources. Read the full review... - Calum MacDonald