The Erik Chisholm Trust

Typesetting - Score production - Catalogue of works

All Chisholm’s music for the Music for Piano series has been typeset, catalogued, and may now be purchased on the Chisholm and SMC websites. A large body of non-piano works (vocal, choral, orchestral, chamber music) has been typeset. A catalogue of these works is in progress for online sales; in the interim the Trust will be pleased to receive requests by e-mail.

Recent additions include;

  • 1. Charles Alkan's Symphonie OP39 transcribed by Chisholm for string orchestra.
  • 2. Violin Concerto; piano/violin score, last performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 1952.
  • 3. Simoon; vocal score for this one act opera, part of the trilogy, Murder in Three Keys performed by Punch Opera in New York, 1954.