Songs for a Year and a Day

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Claremont CSE 1572

Songs for a Year and a Day: Erik Chisholm, Victor Hely-Hutchinson, Thomas Rajna.

Brad Liebl (baritone), Aviva Pelham (soprano), Thomas Rajna (piano.

Includes Love's Reward - Johnnie Logie - Skreigh O'Day - Fragment - Prayer - The White Blood of Innocence - Hert's Sang - Sixty Cubic Feet - The Chailleach - Ossian's Soliloquy - I Arose One Morning Early.

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Listen to Music Clip: 'Mermaid's Song'

Extract of Review

This taster of idiosynchratic Celticism to the love poems of his widow Lillias (herself the daughter of Francis George Scott) are immediately attractive and simple enough with touches of unusual beauty. Lillias’ Love Poems’ have moments of evocative imagery-in “Skreigh of Day’ where great ‘Cruachan decks her head wi dawning licht’ and here, and elsewhere the Scots accent baffles the soprano.

The second group of Chisholm songs is a strange mixture. Read full Review... - Colin Scott-Sutherland